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Are you planning to enter the male sportswear market, which means, offer sportswear to this public? So, you need to think about a competitive differential that highlights your business from the rest.

In today's post we will present you three options to meet this challenge: smart fabrics that counts on technologies that make a difference in performance and even the health of who wears, and the concepts of megging and arm sleeve for men to stay within trends.

What is an arm sleeve?

It is not only traditional sportswear that is fashioned for men's sportswear - in fact, in recent seasons fabrics, colors and prints have come out of the ordinary, with bolder trends for men on training and also other physical and sporting activities.
Well, and considering that this public has become even more selective, one piece that you can sell and increase the sales ticket of your business is the arm sleeve.

The arm sleeve is a garment that covers from the wrist to the forearm, very common in sports fans, especially in runners, cyclists, basketball players, volleyball players and track and field athletes.

More than an extra garment in a sportswear look, the arm sleeve also performs other functions as long as made with the right fabrics. If so, they bring thermal comfort, reduced friction, compression of muscles and sun protection, contributing to the performance of athletes. It is no wonder that the arm sleeve is already being used also while training at the gym.


What is megging?

The megging is nothing but a male version of legging pants, loved by women who practice physical activities and also by professional swimmers. After all, it is a very comfortable garment and it helps in the sporting performance, once made with technological fabrics.

Being a strong global trend, especially in the United States, brazilians are gradually incorporating megging as sportswear, whether for training or sports activities. In winter, for example, these pants can have a great sales appeal.
To avoid resistance of some men, a tip is to sell along with a neutral color megging a shorts with the same color to wear over it.

But, offering only arm sleeves and meggins to the male audience may not add up as much value - since they are easy to find at department stores. As we have already said, what will really make a difference is the fabric that will be used to make these garments
That's where smart fabrics come in.


Smart fabrics for sportswear: the great competitive secret
The great competitive differential of sportswear clothing is undoubtedly the use of fabrics with technologies.
Therefore, whether in the manufacture of men's leggings, arm sleeves or other garments for sportswear, which will increase your sales, besides the aesthetic visual of clothing, is that it has the following technological characteristics:

Have Dry technology that helps keep the body dry and comfortable while training;
Count with Compression technology, which reduces muscle vibration, avoiding pain and tiredness during intense workouts;
Air technology, which kept the thermal control of the body, helping in the sports performance;
UV + 50 technology, which provides protection against ultraviolet rays, and is great for outdoor sports;

You might choose meshes and fabrics with Texneo technology.


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