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Today we are going to talk about a subject that can make all the difference in your business: the use of smart fabrics to compose sportswear garments, whether in gym clothes or other types of sports.

But, what are smart fabrics?

They are those who use the technology to provide more comfort, performance and even health for the users – Specially when we talk about sports garments.
Using solid and printed meshes that are technological adds a great value to the garment, which means a competitive differential for your company facing the market. On the other hands, you draw your customers, who acquires a high quality garment and that fulfills specific needs.

Texneo counts with a specialized team to develop intelligent fabric technologies, and today you will know what technologies are these and what are their main characteristics.

1. Water print

Water Print fabrics provide a surprise to the customer: Considering that parts of the fabric are waterproofed by a special printing technique, once in contact with water, the area that has not been waterproofed is revealed, showing "hidden" designs, as in the following image:

Imagine this technology in beachwear fabrics, such as swimsuits and swimming trunks.

2. Reflective mesh

Another intelligent fabric is the Reflective, which is made up of a surface which, when illuminated by car headlights, reflects brightness and ensures safety for night sports, such as cyclists.

3. Compression

It helps to decrease muscle vibration during your sports performance, which reduces fatigue and pain in intense workouts. The firmness of this intelligent fabric, which has a soft and smooth touch, improves the performance of the athlete, and also helps in muscle recovery in the post-workout.

4. Air

The Air technology in some fabrics is perfect for providing thermal comfort to the garments that will be made for fitnesswear.
This intelligent fabric is structured which makes easier the exchange of heat with the environment and converts into ventilation and even the drying of sweat.

5. Dry Technology

Dry technology, helps to stabilize the body temperature of its users during sports performance. The fabric is light and very fresh, drying easily and helping in the evaporation of sweat, even in warmer weather.

6. UV 50+

Our UV50 + technology blocks up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays, providing even more protection for those who practice outdoor activities. Additionally, this smart fabric offers quick drying and its protection resists to laundry.

7. Antimicrobial

Hypoallergenic and ecologically correct, antimicrobial meshes and fabrics prevent the proliferation of microorganisms that may cause perspiration odors, providing comfort while using.

8. Creora®highclo TM Spandex


Finally, we have the Creora® highcloTM spandex, which is a chlorine resistant fabric that provides high durability over traditional spandex (3 times higher). It is ideal, for those water sports, whose garments are in constant contact with sea water or the swimming pool. The trim looks amazing with the use of this fabric in the production of sportswear garments, prevents it from wearing out or expanding.

Besides these 8 technologies, we also count with neon fabrics and digital printing, which can add a touch of beauty in your garments. Get to know.


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