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Line of sustainable fabrics, made from alternative raw materials from a renewable sources.


Complex and differentiated patterns that guarantee high durability, since the position of the wires makes it more complex and resistant. Jacquard pieces enhance the collection because of the reliefs and textures they have, giving the final product a modern and elegant look.


Plain knits are available in several color, grammage and fiber options and are used to make pieces in the Sportswear, Beachwear and Underwear lines. Texneo smooth bases feature technologies that add value to your piece. Texneo has a collection of several plain knits, allowing them to be combined with the patterned and structured line.

Structured fabrics

Different meshes that contain drawings and reliefs in their composition. This structure allows an effect with an aspect that provides a huge differential for manufactured pieces.


A Texneo traz diferentes bases Mélange, entre mesclas, mesclas coloridas e com efeito rajado, podendo ser combinadas com bases lisas. Produtos Mélange ganham destaque na linha Sportswear e são muito utilizados em recortes de peças.


Pieces made with shiny meshes result in bright and intense colors, due to the thread used in the mesh, giving the piece a differential. In the Sportswear segment, it gains more and more space, due to the relaxed atmosphere of the gyms, which allows playing with colors, prints and pieces in metallic and illuminated tones.

Double sides

The double faced fabric is a circular knitting fabric where both sides can be used as the ‘right side’. Which means that in one piece is possible to mix two different styles, making also possible to use the same piece in different occasion, as going to work and after going to the gym with the same pants/t-shirt.

Garments with containing double faced fabrics, allows different combinations with an sustainable appeal, as you’ll have two pieces in one.
Highlighting the base DUO for blouses and the base Ultra, that allows sublimation in both sides of the fabric, being possible to create differentiated prints in each side of the piece.


The canvas knits bring freshness and style to the pieces. The screened bases are known for having small holes as their characteristic, adding AIR technology in their composition. Highlighted in the Sportswear segment, it allows the passage of air during the practice of physical activities, ensuring better body perspiration, helping to thermoregulate body temperature.

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