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The quality of Texneo products is directly related to the performance of its employees. Texneo does not invest only in research of fashion and technology, it also invests in people who make everything happen.

The Human Resources department acts in line with the strategic planning of the company and has several programs that aim for the well being of all the employees. These are benefits that, added to remuneration, provide more quality of life.

Know the benefits offered by Texneo and the partner institutions that offer discounts to the employees in the purchase of products and services.



Collaborative work environment

A collaborative and creative environment can make the difference once the professional chooses a company to work on. At Texneo we offer a welcoming and collaborative environment, where people from all areas can exchange information, interact and learn with each other. We have several committees and internal programs in which the employees are encouraged to bring ideas and participate.


GMF Exhibition - Texneo’s Improvement Groups

Once a year, Texneo conducts the GMF Exhibition, where the Improvement Groups can present their projects that were elaborated during the year in the processes, labor safety and environment department.

In this occasion, all the groups receive participation awards and the works with greater score win one more award. Every employee can invite their relatives to visit the event that happens in the company.

Free internet at the Break

To access social media, interact with colleagues and remain connected is the new trend. During the break the employees can use Texneo’s internet with attention for personal use.

Inclusion of People with Disability Program

The Company invests in the inclusion of people with disability and has an internal committee to promote the practices that favor the inclusion.

Results management model

Texneo’s management model by results, contributes for the employees qualification and motivation. Thus, the employees realize they are involved with the company’s strategy and know their participation really makes the difference to reach the results and their own professional growing.

Payroll deduction agreement

Aiming the employee’s convenience, Texneo has signed an agreement with discount at the payroll with some establishments of the region such as Optics, drug store, school material, gym, etc. Besides the agreement, the establishments also offer discounts to the employees.

Daycare Allowance

Educate children is a challenging task. Leave the children at the day care is a healthy alternative, since each step of development their development requires parent’s planning and flexibility to reach the balance with the other commitments. The day care allowance aims to fund part of these care expenses. Employees mother of children with less than 05 years and four months old are allowed to the benefit.

Child Nutrition Allowance

Texneo has established a partnership with NESTLÉ to offer the employees products for child nutrition at special prices, which are deducted in the payroll. Texneo buys the products directly from Nestlé and the employee receives it on a deadline of 20 days. The program is exclusive to attend the children from TEXNEO’s employees less than 05 years old.

20 days paternity leave

The men are also benefited from the agreement between Texneo and the Corporate Citizen Program. In addition to the 5 days predicted in law, fathers have more 15 days of paternity leave to enjoy his family, help in the care and give a lot of affection to the newborn. We believe it is a special moment in which the father has to be present.

Partnership with education institutions

In order to stimulate even more the development of its employees, Texneo has established a partnership with local education institutions to offer discounts of up to 25% in courses and lectures.

Grant at glasses purchase

Wear glasses does not need to be a reason for such concern.  Texneo contributes with R$ 300.00 reais in the purchase of graded glasses for its employees.

Doctor in the Company

Health is a precious asset. See a doctor regularly is a habit that helps to keep it updated.  Aiming the employee comfort, Texneo provides a doctor in the company 4x a week at different times.

Odontological care

A beautiful smile attracts glances, opens the way, paint and makes people’s life easier!    Thinking about the well being, Texneo pays 50% of the value of dental procedures performed at SESI Dental clinic, which already has a different price for Industry’s professionals.


The good feeding must be part of our routine, because it helps in the maintenance of health and in a healthier life. Texneo has a restaurant in the unit of Indaial that serves all the shifts. There, a Nutritionist ellaborates nutritive and balanced menus and a committee analizes and validates the quality, always aiming to offer a delicious meal.

Own Library

Read is to give wings to imagination.  In order to encourage the reading habit between our employees, we have a library in which our employees can take books and take them to read at home and also share them with their families.

Company’s Birthday

Every year we honor the employees completing 5, 10, 15 and 20 years in the company.

Sustainable Texneo

We support APREMAVI in the city of Atalanta which has as the main objective to protect the Parque Natural Municipal da Mata Atlântica (Natural Municipal Park of Atlantic Forest). Periodically, we perform donations to philanthropic institutions, bearing in mind to contribute with the community where we are inserted in.

Texneo’s Gymkhana

Every year, we promote the Integration Gymkhana that takes place at SIPAT closure with the objective of integrate people and reinforce the accident prevention week.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is fully paid for all the employees. With coverage in cases of natural death, accidental death and total or partial permanent disability by accident.


The transportation is a benefit in which the cost is divided between the employee and the company. The company provides its own transportation for employees living in Indaial and Blumenau.

6 months maternity leave

By means of the agreement with the Corporate Citizen Program, moms can extend their maternity leave for more 60 days, beyond the 120 days predicted in low.  Use this period to give the appropriate attention to the baby’s development, since the first months are the most importante in his/her life.

Award for Results Reached

We have an award for results reached including production goals, quality and attendance. This award is paid in percentage according to the fulfillment of the objectives and is in line with the Management model by Results.  This benefit is intended for productive area positions.

Internal Recruitment

Texneo has an internal recruitment system for part of its open positions, as a way to value, promote and offer professional growing and development opportunities for every employee.

Health Plan

Texneo has a health plan with great cost-benefit along with AGEMED. This health plan has 50% coinsurance and offers complete coverage for outpatient and hospital services, clinical, surgical and obstetric procedures
and the urgency and emergency service. It is also possible to add dependents in the health plan, with a differentiated value according to the AGEMED price table.

Incentive to Education

Education is the most powerful gun we can use to change the world.  By means of knowledge, the employee evolves, develps his/her skills and becomes able to assume new opportunities in his/her career.  Texneo supports the vocational training of each of its employees subsidizing monthly fees of technical courses, graduation, post-graduation (on-site 50%, at distance 50%) and languages (50%).

Program Moments

Texneo’s Moments Program aims to value important moments for the employees, whether by means of a memory, a tribute or yet a gift. Whenever was the moment, it is important to celebrate and value the small things.  Father’s day, mother’s day, employee’s birthday, easter, Christmas, women’s day, company’s birthday, children’s birth, among others...

Training and development

Texneo believes in the continuous evolution of its employees for the company’s growth. We invest in the professional and personal development of our employees with programs and tools specific for each reality.

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