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Texneo is concerned about the well-being of the society in which it is inserted so it adopts measures for the preservation of the environment.

Select below and know the actions that Texneo promotes in favor of the environment.

Texneo Green

Effluents Treatment Station

100m³/h of water are captured from the River Itajaí-Açú. After the treatments, they are used for industrial and cleaning process of the shop floor.

Effluents Treatment Station - Makes the resources used return to the nature in a pure way, not harming it.


Texneo continuously encourages the material recycling, presenting in its facilities a selective garbage collection station, cooking oil and batteries.  Such residues are forwarded to companies specialized in the reuse of the material and it also has partnerships with institutions and companies to provide a creative destination to industrial residues such as patches leftovers and selvedge.

• Paper and Cardboard
• Plastic
• Selvedges and patches
• Metal
• Cooking oil
• Batteries and cells
• Lamps
• Wire and salt pallets that are burned in the boiler.


  • Annually the company receives, along with its employees, funds that are transfered to day cares, schools and hospices.
  • Donation of books and educational materials to schools and institutions.
  • Incentive to the Inclusive Program - Literacy and preparation of people with disability for the labour market, promoted by Sesi.
  • Certificate for participation on the project Company HEMOSC, for blood donation.
  • Support to the Campaign Solidary Seal, promoted by FFM - Fundação Frtiz Muller, for the collection of seals.  Every 90kg of seals collected, a wheelchair is donated for charity institutions.

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