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At Texneo, our development teams are always looking for new technologies and exclusive compositions to ensure knits with a pleasant touch, comfort, durability, differentiated technologies and freedom of movement. In our product portfolio we have several meshes with added technologies that offer a distinct differential to the final piece. In other words, Texneo offers intelligent fabrics, which work in favor of the consumer's needs.

Whether in Sportswear, Beachwear or Underwear, you can always count on the practicality and technology of Texneo knitwear. Discover and take advantage of all the technologies present in our portfolio:


With mass-dyed yarns, where the dye is added during yarn production, INK technology offers excellent fastness, without fading or staining, and greater color intensity.

Benefits of fabrics with INK Technology:

• Better fastness

• Does not fade, does not stain and does not migrate to other parts of the garment

• More intense colors

• Does not require dyeing, not polluting the water with chemicals and dyes

• Uses less water and energy during the production process

• Emits less CO2 in the process



     A technological and intelligent yarn, composed by bioceramic nanoparticles that, when in contact with the skin, emit long infrared rays that provides benefits and improve sports performance.

• Does not wash out.


Technology that guarantees high coverage, even in movements that require a lot of elasticity during sports. It happens when the  technology acts supporting your training.

• Exclusive for fabrics with double structure;
• Excellent evidence of sale in e-commerce;
• Ideal for sportswear that needs a high stretch, such as pilates, yoga, gym;
• Fabrics with this technology: Flexxy, Hyper, Power Gym.


The compression technology helps to decrease muscle vibration during sports, reducing the tiredness and pains caused by intense workouts and improves your performance.
- Feeling of firmness;
- Reduces the pain and tiredness of intense workouts;
- Post-workout assistance in muscle recovering


The Air technology allows the passage of air to making ventilation, breathability and drying of sweat easier, helping in the regulation of body temperature. Be cold and feel comfortable, all the time.

- Structure that facilitates the exchange of heat with the environment;

- Thermal comfort.


The Dry technology makes the sweat evaporation easier, transporting it out of the fabric and helping to keep the body temperature regulated, even in hot weather.

- Helps to stabilize the body temperature;

- Dries easier, helping in the performance;

- Fresh fabric and soft touch.

UV 50+

The UV50+ technology offers sun protection for your skin, blocking up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays.  Practice outdoor sports with much more comfort and protection.
- Resists to laundry;
- High sun protection to your skin;
- Quick drying.


The antimicrobial protection technology, avoids the proliferation of microorganisms responsible for transpiration odors, so you can feel comfortable during all day long, in any situation.
- Hypoallergenic;
- Eco friendly;
- Increases the shelf life of the piece.


The digital printing process allows the creation of prints with endless colors, quality of photo print and without limitation of print dimension. It brings even more beauty and personality to your piece.
- Clean technology
- uses less water in its stamping process;
- Richness of color and details;
- More comfort and beauty.


The elastane Creora® highcloTM is resistant to chlorine and provides 3 times more durability than a product
with conventional elastane, even with the constant use in swimming pools or in contact with the sea water. Everything to avoid disturbing your performance.
- Perfect trim in the body;
- Does not allow that the piece wears or expands.

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