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Texneo Green

We care about the future of the planet and people's well-being. From the desire to make our contribution and leave a positive legacy in the world, Texneo Green was born. More than a certification, Texneo Green reaffirms our commitment to the environment and a more sustainable industrial operation, through the adoption of ecological and conscientious measures and practices to contribute to the preservation of nature.

From the reuse of rainwater to the treatment of affluent, from the use of recycled raw material to the creation of a whole line of sustainable products, Texneo Green brings together a series of eco-friendly textile procedures that respect requirements and care, for better initiatives in our chain factory.

There are numerous advanced techniques, new technologies and a constant search for innovation in processes that reinforce our mission with customers, employees and partners, in addition to ensuring Texneo products with quality, care and prioritizing a more sustainable production.

Texneo Green is our action for a more sustainable world.

Know more about our actions

Green Line

Taking a step towards a greener production chain, we present our new line of Texneo Green products, which, more than a sustainable alternative, offers a differential for your collections and reinforces our social and environmental responsibility with the maintenance of the planet.

Recycled Polyamide

Made from the treatment of industrial waste that would be discharged, Recycled Polyamide is an alternative and sustainable raw material that is present in the composition of the new products Life Green and Feel Green, two super versatile Texneo fabrics that can be used in various applications.

Recycled Polyester

Taking about 450 years to decompose, PET bottles are the basis for the creation of Recycled Polyester, another sustainable raw material that we brought to our Eco-Friendly product line, such as the Light Green fabric.
Recycling plastic from bottles reduces environmental pollution, prevents damage to flora and fauna, and marine and rainwater ecosystems, and does not use materials from non-renewable sources, such as oil.


An innovative product for the fashion market, Bioamide is a yarn from a renewable source, produced from the plant biomass of a genetically modified corn for the industrial use, not competing with the one used for food.
The Bioamide yarn appears in the new product for the Beachwear collection, Bio Green, which, in addition to the benefits for the environment, also offers a softer, smoother touch and a feeling of freshness that brings more comfort during use.

What we do

Reduction of 15% in water consumption and 7% in production time of black polyamide fabrics.

19 tons of plastic spandex yarn packaging are recycled per year.

100% recycled cardboard boxes. More than 150 tons recycled per year.

10 thousand liters of lubricating oil for the recovered looms per year.

Wooden wedge coming from reforestation wood.

Chemicals with an expired date are sent for treatment and correct disposal

Savings of 30% in energy and 96% in water consumption in the production of mixed color fabrics.

Our certifications

GPTW - 2023/2024

GPTW - 2023/2024

Texneo holds the Great Place to Work Certification, indicating that our company is a great place to work. GPTW is a global consultancy that supports organizations to achieve better results through a culture of trust, high performance and innovation.



Texneo is certified by the STANDARD 100 seal by OEKO-TEX®, which is na independente international system of certification and testing for raw materials, intermediate and final textile products in all stages of the process, as well as accessories used.



The ABVTEX Program is a sectorial effort led by fashion retailers to consolidate good practices in the supply chain in favor of a sustainable environment and compliance with decent working conditions.



Green Fiber®, is a commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability. It reduces about 70% of wate and energy consumption during the dyeing process. 



O Selo Eureciclo conecta marcas de vens de consumo com recicladores, promovendo reciclagem com responsabilidade social, através da compensação ambiental. Através do selo, é possível gerar valor para as empresas certigicadas, comunicando aos seus consumidores o compromisso com a reciclagem. 



Sou de Algodão, in english I am Cotton, is an unic movement that was created in Brazil to wake a colective consciouness  around fashion and responsable comsumption. For this, we unite in a single voice, all the agents of the production chain ando of the textile industry of this fiber, from the farmer to the final consumer, passing by weavers, artisans, spinners, fashion designers, stylists and studentes. There’s a lot of people behind a single piece of cotton. 
We value the origin of Brazilian fashion. Therefore, we embrace and are partners with Sou de Algodão, the movement that cultivates responsible fashion in our country. 



The production of textile items is global, so does the environmental impacts caused by it. Our commitment is to completely eliminate the disposal of hazardous chemicals in the environment, through ZDHC programs – Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals.



Somos parceiros do Movimento ODS Santa Catarina, constituído por voluntários, de caráter apartidário, plural e ecumênico, com a finalidade de contribuir para a melhoria da qualidade de vida da sociedade catarinense. Visamos cumprir com os compromissos da Agenda 2030 para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável. Buscamos a construção de uma sociedade melhor, socialmente inclusiva, ambientalmente sustentável e economicamente equilibrada.

Social actions

Donation of books and teaching materials to schools and institutions.

United for the Vaccine:

Donation of supplies for the application of vaccines in Indaial/SC (COVID-19).


Inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market.

6x4 project:
Encouragement of employees in career development.

Solidarity Soda Seal Campaign
Fritz Muller Foundation (FFM): donation of soda seals for the purchase of wheelchairs.

Volunteering and collection of donations with the support of employees, for day care centers, schools and nursing homes.

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